* ​​Custom Portraits *

Portrait Samples only

* Price for one image in portrait *

 11x14 - $ 245

 16x20 - $ 265

* Price for two images in portrait *

11x14 - $ 475

16x20 - $ 495

( ​Plus shipping and handling )

       Poster Samples Only


24x36 - $ 575

32x48 - $ 675

​( Plus Shipping and handling)

*Custom Posters*

 Custom Posters are created in Illustrator.

It takes 30 to 38 hours for a poster depending on the details.

A sketch is made first and approved by customer before poster is started in illustrator.

A 50% deposit is required before starting your project and the balance is due upon completeing your poster.

​Custom sizes ( larger ) and prices can be discussed.

Custom Portraits and Posters in Adobe illustrator

  Designs by Donna Collins  ©

Custom portraits are created in Adobe Illustrator from your chosen photo.

It takes 23 to 26 hours to create one portrait depending on the details needed.


If you need a portrait for a certain date 2 weeks or more are required. You will be given a date when your portrait or portraits will be ready to ship. 

​A 50% deposit is required for each portrait and balance is due upon completion of your portrait or portraits.

Custom Portraits   ©